The Basic Functionlity Featured will give you a fully functionalities of Game Guard for your server
this will protect you from diferent 3rd party applications. the featured will listed below.
Basic Functionality:
Price: 150$ (Lifetime)
- integrity validation of code section
- integrity validation of EXE file
- integrity validation of DLLs in the game client folder
- encryption of network packets with dynamic key
- protection against dll injection
- protection against WPE/RPE/OpenKore
- possibility to get unique ID of player(it isn't based on MAC)
- possibility to block player by unique ID
- possibility to set limit of active game windows
- prevents starting on virtual machines(optional)
- blocks using popular cheat tools(PotND, meth4u, xRag, xLike, RoTools and other)
- works with the final version of RCX
- generates crash log with useful info(call stack, stack data, loaded GRFs, loaded & missing resources, last sent/received packets). It can help to find the reason of crash.
- fixes problem with "Warsaw" security module. EXE without Gepard doesn't start with installed "Warsaw" module. It is the most important for players from Brazil.
- blocks some specially prepared chat messages which cause crash of game client
- built-in command "!vsync" to remove limit of FPS
- built-in command "!crash" to generate crash log. Sometimes it helps to detect libraries which cause problems.
- built-in command "!ping"
- compatibility with any EXE version starting from 2010-07-30aRagexeRE
- auto adding SQL tables and config files of Gepard Shield at first starting of the server


Yes! Gepard shield has many Featured to be added on your Game Guard the list of Featured will be listed below.

- [Mouse & Keyboard Lock]
Price: 35$ (Lifetime)
Description: prevents emulation of mouse and keyboard. It blocks macro/autopotion tools.

- [Skill Delay Protection]
Description: prevents using nodelay. It blocks a lot methods to get this effect.
Price: 35$ (Lifetime)

- [GRF Lock Integration]
Price: 35$ (Lifetime)
Description: prevents modification of selected resources.

- [Light Graphic Particles]
Price: 110$ (Lifetime)
Description: This featured help you to track your skill range and your walking range, you can expand the particles on your side depend on the size you set. Example: LGP -

- [Custom Auras]
Price: 85$ (Lifetime)
You can change your aura anytime you want, this featured have npc sample to make your own way how to distribute on your server. @ Command Available. Example: Auras -

- [Color Nickname]
Price: 45$ (Lifetime)
Description: Color Nicks will give your server abilitie to change the font color of your players name depend on what you want, this featured have color nickname generator to help you find what Color You want to set on color_nick_db.

- [Color Item]
Price: ??$ (Lifetime)
Description: this featured is similar to Color Nickname but this featured will colorize your server items like Armor, Headgear, Weapons. Example: Color Items-


the installation is range to 30 minutes to 1 hour depend on the gepard developer line. usaly after you talk to the gepard developer named Functor it will take a minute to wait and your request will be done.

Description: Make a folder name "SERVER SIDE" and put your src Folder inside.
Description: Make a folder name "CLIENT SIDE" and put your Client.EXE, cps.dll if you are using encrypted GRF.
Description: Put your Server IP, Map Port, Login Port & Char Port.

- if you are changing your client date there is additional payment worth 10$ for changing your client date.
- send a payment USD only do not use other currency to send your payment.
- patience is highly recommended. 

You can use only 1 Server with 1 Server Name, but you can request Proxy IP to allowed on your server ip list.

Yes Gepard Shield have Rental Service. 
The Price is Listed Below.

Gepard Shield monthly:

1 month - 30$
2 months - (25$ x 2) = 50$

Gepard Shield + LGP monthly:

1 month - 30$ + 10$ = 40$
2 months - (25$ x 2) + (8$ x 2) = 66$

Skype Name: functor.x

DISCORD: !Skyzone#5671
(Toll Free)